Bill Bullock and Lydia Sarkissian Break Luxury Home Sales Record in Marin

Luxury realtors sold four homes over $10 million in 2015, double the previously held record

Marin County, California – December 1, 2015 – Luxury realtors Bill Bullock and Lydia Sarkissian have set a new record in the booming Marin County real estate market. In 2015 alone, Bullock and Sarkissian have sold four homes for over $10,000,000 – twice as many as have previously been sold by any agent or agent-team in the county in a single year.

Setting a luxury market milestone, Bullock and Sarkissian represented the Sellers of 101 Belvedere Avenue for $15.5 million, 125 Belvedere Avenue for $13 million, 1 Cliff Road for $10.5 million, and 255 Golden Gate Avenue for $10.5 million, all located in Belvedere, California. The team represented both the Buyer and Seller in the 255 Golden Gate Avenue transaction.

“It’s very gratifying to finally see Marin County gaining recognition as a high-end home destination in the Bay Area, and to know that Lydia and I have a determining role in that evolution,” Bullock said. “Lydia and I have been doing this for a very long time and we now have the good fortune of representing the dominant share of the current and historical high-end Marin County market.”

“Bill and I have always been innovators and for years, we have taken our listings in beautifully photographed and language-translated catalogs to property shows and Sotheby’s Auction Events in mainland China, Hong Kong and Europe. We believe that we introduced and, on some level, educated the global marketplace to the stunning beauty and extraordinary lifestyle available here in Marin County,” says Sarkissian.

Operating as the Global Estates team under Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, Bullock and Sarkissian have been considered the gateway to the luxury home Market in Marin because of their extensive high-end listing inventory and have been instrumental in the County’s high-end Real Estate expansion. Since 2010, sixteen homes have sold above $10 million, with Bullock and Sarkissian representing half of those sales. They are currently representing 185 Gilmartin Drive, among others.

Bullock and Sarkissian are not surprised at the growth they have been witnessing in the Marin market, crediting it to the region’s unsurpassed beauty and ideal location with access to both city life and nature. Communities like Belvedere – with views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and Mount Tamalpais and a population just over 2,000 – are now uniquely in-demand real estate markets. Bullock and Sarkissian, the high-end market-makers of Marin, have managed to set a new precedent for high-end, hard-to-come-by real estate.