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The Bullock and Sarkissian Team are first and foremost closer’s! They bring their knowledge, resources and expertise to real estate transactions and get the job done for sellers and buyers alike. We have sold two off-market homes in Belvedere through Lydia and Bill, and now Magdalena over the past nine years. In both cases they had discriminating buyers interested in very specific properties. Once mutual interest was established and price agreed, The Bullock and Sarkissian team really goes to work and executes working 24/7 if needed. Contracts, inspections, disclosures, negotiations etc. are all handled with calm, but necessary urgency ,professionalism ,and precision. The team has depth, beyond the named principals, and deep contacts in the Marin market to execute the sale. At every step of the way a member of the Bullock and Sarkissian team was with us , ensuring everything went according to schedule. We could not be happier with the professionalism, the process and the happy outcome. Their long success in the luxury market in Marin is well earned and we have no hesitations in recommending the Bullock and Sarkissian team.
– Seller
Just when you think you have a plan, life happens, and 3 months after purchasing our Tiburon home we needed to sell. Other “top” agents rolled their eyes and snickered. Lydia Sarkissian and Bill Bullock rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They immediately invested in new photography, video and drone imaging and executed an aggressive strategy to market the property internationally. Bill Bullock, Lydia Sarkissian, Magda Sarkissian and Sue Southwood, the Bullock Sarkissian Team, understood our urgency and vigorously pursued every lead and opportunity to sell the home. Overcoming bad facts and daunting odds, they sold the property in 3 months off market. A stellar achievement by anyone’s standard, but it did not come easy, and only resulted from their commitment and skill. It sold because Lydia Sarkissian persuaded the buyer to see our property after they were dissatisfied at another showing. It sold because Bill Bullock knowledgeably answered the appraisers’ questions when he hosted their tour of the property. It sold because after the buyer demanded a 25+ item request for repairs, the Bullock Sarkissian Team contacted their Rolodex of contractors to complete the work quickly and cost effectively. True to their word, the Bullock Sarkissian team said what they were going to do and did it. Results matter. When people show you who they are, believe them.
– Melissa K.
Bill, Lydia and Magda did a fantastic job of creating and overseeing the transformation of our mother’s 55 year old well- worn home into a beautifully updated home ready to be acquired by a new young family. They were able to quickly find the best contractors, inspectors, and other resources necessary to close the transaction. Their photographer created an amazing marketing video with drone footage to show off the property. The stager they recommended transformed the home into a fun family retreat. Spending money updating a home that you are not going to live in can be hard, but we followed their advice and design recommendations. We were able to sell the property for much higher than what we would sold it if we did not do any work to it. After the first brokers’ open, we were in contract in just 1 day. It was beyond our wildest dreams. The Sarkissian/Bullock Team really know how to convert and present a home for maximum value. They are known as the premier luxury home real estate agents in the Bay Area and we were grateful that they applied their expertise to ensure an outstanding success. We highly recommend them and would do business with them again. Thank you again for all your efforts.
– Denis C.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Bill, Lydia, Magda and Sue for their tireless efforts in selling our home. From the standpoint of price, they helped us secure a higher price than what other realtors said we could expect. In fact, our home sold for slightly over asking. However, what was most impressive was their patience, competence and guidance in working through the process with a divorcing couple. No doubt, a great many homes in Marin are sold during the stressful time of divorce. The Bullock and Sarkissian team acted with the utmost professionalism and neutrality. They worked through disagreements on process and strategy with aplomb. From getting our house ready for sale to a very hectic and stressful close. Like most good realtors, they excel at providing daily updates and understanding of the in’s and out’s of the sales process, but it’s their coaching and cajoling throughout the process which proved so invaluable in getting us to the finish line. They kept us focused on what was important. If you’re reading this testimonial and find yourself in similar circumstances, I promise you cannot find a better team in Marin to fairly, honestly and straightforwardly represent your interests. Throughout the sales process, I repeatedly expressed my appreciation and gratitude for their efforts. You will too!
– Michael P.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation “The Bullock Sarkissian team sold our home in Tiburon by providing their expertise in market analysis, pricing, and bringing qualified buyers to view the property. Their availability and efforts were appreciated, and the seasoned negotiating skills, suggestions, and knowledge brought about a very successful closing. The entire team worked hard to deliver results with an efficient use of their marketing and vetting the Bay Area buyer. The showings, finalized offer, and close of escrow occurred during the COVID 19 pandemic, a reflection of their dedication to success. The Marin homeowner cannot be served better than by selecting the Bullock Sarkissian agency.
– Judy S.
My husband and I just sold our home in Mill Valley. Lydia Sarkissian and Bill Bullock were our second agents and how we wish they were our first! They are simply extraordinary on every level. We called them on a Friday afternoon and they were both here in a few hours to meet with us. Their knowledge of the market, incredible international, national and local reach, coupled with their professionalism, exquisite taste and sound advice are unsurpassed. Moreover, they listen carefully, understand the importance of market timing and command respect among all agents and brokers. Lydia’s enthusiastic, warm personality is a perfect blend with Bill’s quiet and authoritative gravitas; together they are a remarkable team. They consistently work together for their clients’ benefit. Phone calls and emails are returned promptly. They think of all the big and small issues that comprise a sale and enable all parties to move in the same direction. They were able to quickly find the best contractors, inspectors and other resources necessary to close the transaction. Bill and Lydia also spent considerable time on disclosure documents to assure that all risks were planned for in advance. We saw first hand how other agents and buyers respected their opinions and professionalism. The presentations of our house were impeccable. In addition, the profile of the buyers interested in our house far surpassed that of our prior agents. We were thrilled with the entire transaction and the speed and efficiency with which it was accomplished. They also represented us with the same level of attention and professionalism when we bought a new house. We were down sizing. The new house was less than half the size and price of our prior residence. However, they were not driven by the size of the transaction. Bill and Lydia patiently helped us through this process which included detailed walk-throughs, inspections and scrutiny of prices on eight separate houses. All they ever wanted was the best for us. Many people believe that real estate is a commodity and that real estate agents are interchangeable. That is not true. The quality of your broker makes a huge difference in your success, whether you are a seller or buyer. Call Bill and Lydia, you will not be disappointed!
– Sarah M
I was first introduced to Lydia Sarkissian through friends who had done a number of successful transactions with her and Bill Bullock. I was immediately drawn to her warm charm and quickly realized what a keen and savvy business woman she is. My husband and I decided to list our house as a luxury summer rental so we could travel in Europe with our family, and Lydia and Bill with their sterling reputation were our first call. Having never done this before, we had a lot of questions and they couldn’t have made it easier for us. Bill patiently explained all of the legalities and liabilities that exist when renting your home and, more importantly, how to protect ourselves contractually. Once our home was listed on their website, the calls began to come in and Lydia personally screened prospective clients who were interested in renting our home to ensure she would be bringing us conscientious and qualified applicants. They also assured us they would handle any problems related to the house that might arise during our travels which they had to do on a couple of occasions. They quickly took care of some minor mishaps which our renters truly appreciated. Our first summer rental went so flawlessly that we did it again the next summer. When considering what a comparatively small commission Lydia and Bill made from listing our home, I think the professional and personal attention they provided speaks volumes about how they treat their clients. We have recommended them to many of our friends and, without fail, they express such gratitude for the introduction. It is no surprise that Lydia and Bill have such a loyal following as they are truly the best in the business!
– Noelle K.
Selling a home, under the best of circumstances, can be a very emotional and stressful experience. When I was ready to take this step and began searching for knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will give me the guidance and attention I needed and who would protect my interests at every turn, I found Bill Bullock and Lydia Sarkissian. Moments after meeting them, I soon knew why so many of their clients say they’d never choose anyone else. Lydia’s easy demeanor coupled with her energy, warmth and care draws you to her. You know you can trust her. Bill’s attention to detail and his sound guidance and advice throughout all that daunting paperwork to be filled was impeccable. they were both very patient, honest and listened to my needs and were there for me every step of the way. My house was creatively marketed and attended to and sold for more than it was listed, and I could not have been happier. Lydia and Bill are well-known for outstanding client service, professional touches and strong attention to detail. They are your advocates and your trusted advisor in real estate. They leverage their combined experience of over 50 years as a successful team in tracking real estate trends, values and inventory. They are your best source of accurate and timely information that can mean success in the volatile Bay Area real estate market. Five stars and hats off to this classy, brilliant, creative and honest team. I highly recommend them to anyone considering selling or buying real estate. You will be glad you did. I am now ready to buy my next home and so glad I do not have to look further.
– Grace J.
Thank you to Bill, Lydia, Magda and their spectacular team for an amazing job helping us to buy our new home and sell our old home right next door. Bill and Lydia blew our expectations every step of the way, working tirelessly to help our family get our home market ready and sold. The stager they recommended, Margot Oven was genius, reasonable and incredibly easy to work with. Their photographer, Matt took the most beautiful photos and created the most insane marketing video to show off the property. Lydia managed the 80 people who came through our open house with ease. The next day, Bill and Lydia were on the phone accepting multiple offers over asking and reviewing them with us until 11pm. We were able to hand pick our new neighbors, a family with young children. We were in contract in just 3 days and had a quick, smooth sale. Just incredible for our neighborhood where sales tend to take longer. They are a Rockstar team and we could not be happier in our new home with our new neighbors!
– Laurie H.
We would use this team again in a heartbeat. Here’s why: Lydia is extremely market savvy. Her regular market updates kept our property price competitive which sustained our traffic in a crowded market. She is also extremely protective of the seller, only presented offers that were vetted and prequalified, and always had our back on counters. Stuff happens in escrow, this is where Bill shines. He has seen it all and is a thoughtful counselor. He drives a thorough upfront disclosure and inspection process which simplifies the price negotiation and accelerates the escrow timing. Our house was vacated shortly after our listing went live. Magda actually staged our house virtually on line and showed interesting design possibilities. Very cool totally modern marketing. Together, this team generated multiple offers from highly qualified buyers in a sophisticated and competitive marketplace.
– Byron & Teri P.
Working with Lydia Sarkissian, Bill Bullock, Magda Sarkissian and Sue Southwood, the Bullock- Sarkissian Team, was a lifesaver because I needed a new home quickly and they immediately sprang into action and delivered it for me. They expertly understood what I wanted and scoured the market to make it happen. My housing needs were critically time sensitive and I am a picky buyer. Lydia hit the ground running and never stopped, (and I mean morning, noon, and night), until the deal closed. Magda personally measured each room to ensure my furnishings would fit, and Bill conducted the final inspection to verify that I was getting what I paid for in good working order. All of this in 7 days from start to finish. The Bullock Sarkissian Team delivers the priceless combination of first class service at warp speed and has earned my respect and this review.
– Melissa K.
Top notch sums it up. The team of Bill, Lydia and Magda did a phenomenal job with the recent purchase of my new home. From start to finish, the team managed every aspect in the most professional and efficient manner, persevering through a challenging situation. Not only did they bring their expertise to the table, but also a caring, kind and tremendously thoughtful approach. Knowing the team had my best interests at heart brought me peace of mind throughout the process. Their expertise was invaluable as was the professional relationship they had with the seller’s agent. If you’re considering buying or selling a luxury property in Marin, I strongly recommend the team of Bullock and Sarkissian. I couldn’t be more pleased with their professionalism, sincere dedication and focus on a positive outcome.
– Anne H.
The Bullock/Sarkissian Team did a fantastic job of successfully completing the sale of my house in Tiburon in December 2018. As a seller, I found the team not only highly knowledgeable about local market conditions, but they were really great about keeping me up-to-date and informed as the process went through the usual ups and downs. In the end, this team just really handled me well, and greatly reduced my stress level. Their calm and secure guidance was confidence-inspiring. I’m grateful to them for the successful outcome and I think, if you’re selling a residential property in Marin, you should definitely want them on your team. Their combination of deep experience, local knowledge and numerous personal relationships paired with client service and honesty/integrity is really powerful.
– Geoff K.
Lydia and Bill are a dynamic and complementary force. Lydia is warm, approachable, immediately engages with you as a client and is sensitive to your concerns, needs and interests. Bill is thorough and very knowledgeable of the real estate markets through many cycles and brings a quiet gravitas to the union. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you know it is with much thought and foundation. They are excellent at representing the client’s needs toward the end game of closing. Both are good listeners and really try to understand their client’s needs. We felt our interests were very well represented, and Lydia and Bill are easy and gracious to do business with. We trust them both implicitly and recommend them highly. We would do business with them again without question.
– Martin C.
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation “The Bullock Sarkissian team sold our home in Tiburon by providing their expertise in market analysis, pricing, and bringing qualified buyers to view the property. Their availability and efforts were appreciated, and the seasoned negotiating skills, suggestions, and knowledge brought about a very successful closing. The entire team worked hard to deliver results with an efficient use of their marketing and vetting the Bay Area buyer. The showings, finalized offer, and close of escrow occurred during the COVID 19 pandemic, a reflection of their dedication to success. The Marin homeowner cannot be served better than by selecting the Bullock Sarkissian agency.
– Judy S.
All I can say is that without Lydia’s professional and heartfelt work I would not be in my beautiful new home. A good agent is more than someone who shows you properties. Lydia is committed to making her clients happy. She works hard and really knows her market. She also makes deals happen and is a joy to work with. On the selling side both Lydia and Bill were an incredible team. Lydia kept my focus on the deal and off the emotions that can come with selling a home that you have lived in for many years. I could not have gone through this process without them. I have worked with other agents over the years and I have learned through my experiences that this team delivers.
– Sandy K.
You will not find a team with more experience or heart we are clients for life! As first time home buyers, we relied heavily on the expertise of Lydia, Magda and Bill to help us identify, negotiate and ultimately close on our dream home in Marin. Every question we had (and there were many) was answered with great care and the utmost professionalism. Bill and Lydia have the kind of market knowledge, connections and deal instincts that you’d expect from professionals with nearly 40 years of experience. If you’re serious about buying or selling a home in Marin, there really is no other team to consider.
– Buyer
We have had the good fortune of working with the Bullock/Sarkissian Team on several successful real estate transactions and they have always exceeded our expectations. Their dedicated, experienced team goes above and beyond to provide sound advice, knowledge of the market and solid guidance in a sometimes difficult real estate market. They are amazingly resourceful and well connected professionals who make their client’s interests a number one priority.
– Buyer | Seller
I worked directly with Magda Sarkissian who was both very smart, extremely driven and also very easy to work with (trifecta). She facilities a house sale (her listing) in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis that was virtually impossible timing and still was able to get the purchase contract signed and close the house in 10 days from signing. This was about as smooth as a closing could go for all sides. I highly recommend working with her and her team.
– Rave M.
The agents were very professional and helpful and made the transaction very smooth. Thank you!
– Artur & Isabelle H.


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